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2021 PCR Rally Section in PDF

The Porsche Design Time, Speed, Distance Rally will take place on Tuesday, July 13, 2021. The route will take you around the beautiful hills, valleys, and farmlands of Southern Indiana. The course is specifically designed for your driving pleasure, delighting the novice, and challenging the experts!

The Rally will start and end at the French Lick Resort, taking about four hours to run, including two breaks (gas stop and bio break), and spans approximately 125 miles. You should be back in time for the traditional afternoon Ice Cream Social and RC Car competition.

The goal and competitive part of the event is to follow the course at the Porsche Parade 2021-Time, Speed, Distance (TSD) Rallyassigned speeds (never over the limit!) and arrive at each checkpoint on time. If you drive too fast and arrive too early at a checkpoint, points are deducted. Similarly, if you drive too slowly and arrive late at a checkpoint, points are deducted. Consider bringing a clipboard, pen or pencil, a clock or timer, and your smart device. Competitors are classified by the level of sophistication of the equipment used for this event.

Register for this event during Phase II on April 7.
Rally School
Whether you have never rallied before or just want a refresher, be sure to attend the TSD Rally School on Monday (7/12) afternoon. Rally school is designed for the novice and taught by past TSD Rally champions. You will learn about the Rally, what to expect, what to bring, tips for staying on time, what to do at a checkpoint, and how to fill out a score sheet. Rally School will also cover the rally generals, what are they and how to use them, as well as terminology, sample route instructions, a Q&A session, and more.

TSD Rally Eligibility & General InformationOnly the entrant or co-entrant who is bringing the Rally Porsche should register for the Rally. Parade Guests are not permitted to compete in this event. If you are driving or navigating another Parade entrant's Porsche, the other entrant must register for the Rally and include your name on their Rally registration. The status of entrants for the TSD Rally will be verified.

  • Junior Participation Program (JPP) members may either drive or navigate in the Rally. The PCA Juniors program is different than the JPP. Those under the age of 16 are not allowed to participate in this event.

    College Age Family Program (CAFP) members may either drive or navigate in the Rally.
  • If you would like us to help you partner up with a fellow Parade entrant, please let us know and we will try to match you up.

What Class do I sign up for? During Phase II registration, you will select one of 6 classes in which to compete for awards. Classes are determined by the type of equipment or navigational aides used. Having a GPS Navigation System, whether factory built-in or portable, forces the competitor to run in Class R04, R03, R02, or R01. The more experienced TSD Rallyists typically run in either R03, R02, or R01 Classes.

TSD Rally Classes are defined in the PCRs. Entrants are responsible for classifying their own vehicles. Changes can be made at Parade Check-in on Sunday, July 11 if necessary. The Rallymasters are available to answer classification questions at paradetsdrally2021@gmail.com.

  • TSD Rally General Instructions will be available by June 2021. Questions about the General Instructions will be accepted until Monday, July 5, 2021.

And don't miss the Porsche Design Demo Rally on Thursday, July 15, 2021. This will be a short TSD Rally that uses the Richta Competition App, on your smartphone or tablet, that provides for real-time scoring at each checkpoint. This is a demonstration event only and there are not awards or classes. This event will take place in the morning so that you can finish in plenty of time for the start of the Gimmick Rally. More information coming soon!

Jack Stephensen and Rik Larson | TSD Rallymasters