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This Driver's Meeting presentation covers key information that will answer your Gimmick Rally questions. It is highly recommended viewing. Dot forget to select your departure out time on SignUpGenius. Please contact Rally Master Ellen Beck if you have any further questions or need help with SignUpGenius.

Porsche at the Movies!
Thursday, July 15, 2021

Porsche Parade 2021-Gimmick Rally
As Parade veterans know, the Gimmick Rally re-invents itself every year and in 2021 we are taking everyone to the movies, celebrating the 50th anniversary of one of the most famous Porsche movies of all time! For the first time ever, the Gimmick Rally will be an evening event. Participants will depart the resort between 4:00 PM and 6:00 PM and enjoy a scenic, winding road course through the Indiana countryside, arriving at the rally's final destination between 8:00 PM and 9:00 PM to turn in their scoresheet.

The gimmick will be Porsche and Car Movie-themed, ending at the Holiday Drive-In Theater in Mitchell, Indiana for an outdoor screening of LeMans 1971, starring Steve McQueen, the 'King of Cool'. The movie will begin after sunset and run from approximately 9:30 PM to 11:15 PM. The return trip to the Resort is about 20 miles, a 30-minute drive.

The actual rally driving time from the resort to the theater will be about 90-minutes, not including a surprise stop in a local town where you will think you have stepped back through the decades into the 50's and 60's car movie itself! There will also be optional stops and food/fuel options along the driving route.

Porsche Parade 2021-Gimmick Rally After arriving at the Holiday Drive-In and turning in your score sheet, enjoy dinner or snacks while you wait for nightfall and the movie to start at a classic old-time drive-in snack bar with menu items like cheeseburgers, chili dogs, chicken tenders, and so much more! The menu is available on the Holiday Drive-In website. The Holiday Drive-In is exclusively ours for the night and the local owners are very excited to host us! The parking surface is primarily driveway-type gravel with some grassy areas o the sides. Drive-in speakers pedestals are long gone and the movie sound is transmitted through your car's radio, or portable if you have one. If you have folding chairs, bring them so that you can sit in front of your vehicle and enjoy the show!

Entrant registration includes your admission to the Drive-In, for your vehicle and all occupants. Food and beverage purchase will be on your own. Bringing in outside food is an additional charge, and no drugs or alcohol are permitted. Score sheets will be collected at the gate as you enter the Drive-In which is the official end of the scored rally. Score sheets will be graded and tabulated on Friday and winners announced at the Saturday Victory Banquet (all-new for this year).

Registered entrants will receive complete instructions by email for this event in approximately one month, including a link to an online scheduling tool, where you will sign up for your departure "out-time". Porsche Parade 2021-Gimmick Rally You will choose a 15-minute time period in which to arrive at the Rally Start, be handed your packet of directions and information, and line up to depart (no need to get out of your car). We will be conducting two separate online driver's meetings in the weeks before Parade to go over the Rally, safety guidelines, and answer any questions you may have.  

Like always, the Gimmick Rally will feature a scenic drive while you attempt to solve tasks and challenges, this year, car movie-related. But this year's Rally also represents a "night out" - an opportunity to hang out with hundreds of old and new PCA friends at our exclusive movie night. Think of it as nighttime cars and coffee...but with popcorn! 
If you cannot bring your Porsche, you can still participate in your rental or tow vehicle. As always, you can choose to compete in the 2-Person class or the 2-Plus Passengers class, so if you have more than 2 seats, bring family or your "COVID bubble" friends to enjoy the fun! And start catching up on your Porsche and Car Movie Trivia - you'll be sure to use it on this rally!

** Photo: Chesapeake members Claudia and Richard Chitty in their Boxster followed by Chesapeake member Ron Farb line-up to start a rally.

Porsche Parade 2021-Gimmick Rally


The Town Square in Orleans, Indiana, hosting its 36th Annual Robert Lamm Memorial Day Car Show, a classic car show on their beautiful Congress Square. Over 100 cars were displayed in this charming town where classic car culture is definitely still alive and will be a cool, scenic stop on the Gimmick Rally.

*photo credit Tamera Noble Photography


Gimmick Rally History

Porsche Parade 2021-Gimmick Rally Looking back, the first Parade Gimmick Rally was held 16 years ago at the 50th Porsche Parade in Hershey, PA. It was a new Parade event inspired by the success of the fun, low-key gimmick rallies held across PCA on the region level. That first route traveled through the Lancaster Amish countryside with multiple-choice questions to answer. From 2006 to 2009, local regions hosted the Gimmick Rallies with a variety of styles, themes, and scenic countryside, from coastal San Diego to the rarefied air of Colorado.

The Gimmick Rallies are designed to highlight the local history, unique attractions, scenic drives, and overall flavor of each Parade location, including suggested stops along the way for something that you might not otherwise see or experience anywhere else. The "gimmicks" have generally been developed by something unique about the route, and its possibilities that inspire the rally master...and that changes every year.

2019's rally took people to Fort Lauderdale on "Spring Break", visiting a number of iconic, famous locations, on a scavenger hunt, including Champion Porsche, the Elbo Room at the beach, and visits for ice cream, antique cars, history, and butterflies!

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Ellen Beck | Gimmick Rally Master