Porsche Parade 2021-Bourbon Tasting Train TourClimb aboard the French Lick Scenic Railway for a daytime Bourbon Tasting experience.  This is the same train used for the Monday and Thursday night dinner excursion.  The tour includes a sampling of four specially selected bourbons carefully paired with a dish highlighting the complexity of flavors from each bourbon: Spirits of French Lock White Bourbon, Maker's Mark with shredded pork; Angel's Envy with pineapple and glazed with a sriracha-bourbon sauce; Spirits of French Lick Lee W. Sinclair 4-Grain with a combination of apples, sugar, and warm spices in a bourbon caramel sauce. An explanation about each of the bourbons will take place during the tour.

This tour is available for adults over age 21 only.  Tour capacity is either 76 or 100 people due to the train capacity and current level of COVID-19 restrictions, so register early if you are (or want to be) a bourbon aficionado! This is definitely a fun education!

Tour offered on Tuesday, July 13, and Friday, July 16.

Tour Note: Railway policy requires that masks are required when participating on the French Lick Scenic Railway Bourbon Tasting experience.

Due to potential state and local restrictions on group gatherings during Parade Week because of the COVID-19 virus, Parade Tours may be modified, resulting in tour capacities adjusted from what is shown.  Updated information, along with any needed changes, should be available before Phase ll registration (April 7). This information is intended to provide an overview of this tour.