Introducing the 2021 Porsche Parade TSD Demo Rally

On Thursday, July 15,  at 9:30 am, we will be demonstrating a new Timing and Porsche Parade 2021-TSD Demo RallyScoring solution for TSD Rallies. The Demo Rally will be approximately 50 miles long and run without traps in order to showcase the use of the Richta Competitor App. It will take approximately 90 minutes to complete and will not interfere with those Parade entrants who plan to enter the Gimmick Rally in the late afternoon.

The Richta Competitor App is a program that runs on your iPhone or Andriod-based phone or tablet. The App uses GPS-based technology to record when you pass a checkpoint and displays your time and score. It then sends that information to the rally master's scoring system where it updates the scoring in real-time. It also allows for the fly time delays should they be needed. With this App, you do not stop at the checkpoints and all checkpoint information is displayed on your smart device.

Parade entrants and their guests may compete in a non-Porsche. This is not a Parade competitive event and there are no awards. At least two people must be in each vehicle. More people are allowed as long as there is a seat belt for each occupant.
To participate in the Demo Rally, you will need to come with an appropriate cell phone or tablet with the Richta Competitor App loaded. The App can be found in both the Apple Store and Google Play. The App is free.

Information about the Richta Competitor App is available at:
Richta Rally
Using the Richta Competitor App
YouTube (6-minute long video showing the use of the app.)

Come see the future of rallying in the modern age where there is truly an app for that!

Please contact the TSD Rally Rallymasters, Jack Stephensen, and Rik Larson at with any questions, and be sure to reference that your inquiry is related to the Demo Rally.