Porsche Parade 2021-Griot's Garage TourGriot's Garage, proud sponsor of the PCA and Porsche Parade, is hosting an exclusive tour of their distribution center in Plainfield, IN. If you are passionate about keeping your car clean and want to use the very best, you won't want to miss this opportunity!

Griot's Garage is a nationally recognized family-owned business that has been manufacturing one of the highest quality lines of car care products for over 30 years. If you attend virtually any national car show event or read any car magazine, you will see a Griot's Garage advertisement.

On this tour, you will get a rare behind-the-scenes look inside the distribution center, bottling, and production lines. Masks must be worn at all times inside of the distribution center and you must practice safe social distancing.

As part of this tour, Griot's Garage is providing a catered sub sandwich lunch with choices of roast beef, turkey, or ham; snacks, an assortment of sodas, and bottled water. A vegetarian option will also be available. Please note that COVID protocol safety will be practiced during food service.

All attendees also Porsche Parade 2021-Griot's Garage Tourhave the option to receive a complimentary 22-oz bottle of Griot's new Ceramic Speed Shine or have it shipped to their house free of charge. You can also enjoy an exclusive 20% discount on all car care products (waxes, cleaners, paint correction, buffers, pads, etc.) and a 10% discount on all garage organizer products, only available for orders placed at the event, plus the added convenience of having any products purchased shipped home free of charge. You will order from the Griot's Garage catalog while on-site at the tour.

Due to COVID social distancing requirements, tours will be given in 20-minute intervals with the first tour beginning upon arrival around 11:30 AM.

Tour capacity is 80 people in four groups and is only offered on Friday, July 16.

Tour Note: Due to potential state and local restrictions on group gatherings during Parade week because of the COVID-19 virus,  Parade Tours may be modified resulting in tour capacities adjusted from what is shown. Updated information, along with any needed changes, should be available before Phase II registration (April 7). This information is intended to provide an overview of this tour.