PCA Parade Porsche Classic ORIGINALE Porsche Parade 2021-Porsche Classic ORIGINALE Award

The Porsche Classic ORIGINALE Award honors the Concours entrant's vehicle that best captures the vision of the Porsche Classic catalog "ORIGINALE", where we share stories about our vision of consistency in concept, design, and production. This understanding of the significance of each individual part and their perfect interaction is what makes a Porsche. Through the pages of ORIGINALE, reader's find that each Genuine part has its own exciting story to tell.

At Porsche Classic, we continue to champion the idea that our vehicles are meant to be driven. Open to any Porsche Classic model, 356 through the first generation Cayenne (E1), this award is in search of an original prodcution street vehicle with a story to tell that benefits from the care of using Porsche Classic Genuine Parts. Additionally, the award winner will exhibit a strong connection between owner and machine, where memorable experiences produce Porsche Passion.

Judging Criteria:
  1. Classic vehicle (as defined by Porsche Classic + Cayenne E1)
  2. Series Production Street Car
  3. Car must be driven, current mileage is criteria
  4. Porsche Classic Genuine Parts usage
  5. Vehicle Personality
  6. Originality/Use of Aftermarket Parts