The RC Car Competition for 2021 will be comprised of 2 separate events:

1. On-Road Competition - Tuesday, July 13

2. Off-Road Competition - Wednesday, July 14

Both are open to Parade entrants of all ages. So, if you're looking for something fun and exciting in which the whole family can participate, RC Cars are it! Join one or both events and test your driving skills against friends and family.

Awards will be given out for the top winners in each driving class.

The RC On-RPorsche Parade 2021-Radio-Controlled (RC) Carsoad Track Event will be held in the Event Plaza, adjacent to the Ice Cream Social.  It will run in heats of 3–5 cars, providing competition for the drivers and entertainment for spectators.

The RC Off-Road Event will be held in the French Lick Gardens. We wi
Porsche Parade 2021-Radio-Controlled (RC) Carsll be running heats of 2-3 cars on a challenging outdoor dirt, grass, or sand course. This will offer our competitors a chance to drive one of our outrageous off-road monster Cayenne’s on a fun off-road course.

Want to see more of the PCA RC Car event in action?  Just click here.

Have your own RC Car? Please bring either your On-Road or Off-Road RC for one or both of the events. Keep in mind that it must have a replica body of a real Porsche (911, Cayenne, etc.). We will be running primarily 1/10th scale vehicles, but smaller or larger scale RC's are welcome.

If you already own a 1/10 scale off-road RC you may be able to adapt this clear Lexan Cayenne body for your however trimming and painting may be required.

DoPorsche Parade 2021-Radio-Controlled (RC) Carsn’t have an RC Car? Don’t worry. We’ll be providing shared loaner vehicles for practice and racing if you don't have your own.

For each event, classes will be established based on turnout so as to provide entrants with a fun and fair experience. 

If you’ve ever thought about driving a radio-controlled car, this is your opportunity! Whether you're interested in the on-road cars that can do 30+mph or an off-road machine that can take a few jumps and keep going, come join us for some RC fun!

The RC event schedule will be available at Parade Registration on Sunday.

Sign-up for RC Car competition in Phase ll of Parade Registration.

Jim Osgood & Randy Osgood | RC Cars Competition Co-Coordinators |