PCA will be performing Safety Inspections each morning of the autocross at the autocross site. Please prepare your vehicle prior to the Safety Tech Inspection. If there is an issue with any vehicle or safety gear, they will be moved out of the staging area to address the issue.

It is the sole responsibility of each competitor to present a vehicle in sound mechanical condition and safe to operate in a competitive event.  Safety inspection by PCA volunteers does not relieve a competitor of their responsibility for the safety of any entered vehicle.

A vehicle’s trunk (bonnet) and interior must be empty prior to Tech Inspection and during their participation in the autocross.

There will be four (4) time slots for Safety Inspections:

Wednesday   July 14    7:00-8:00am | 10:30-11:30am
Thursday      July 15    7:00-8:00am | 10:30-11:30am

The Parade Safety Tech Chair will be on-site to perform any last-minute inspections until 2:00 pm both Wednesday and Thursday.

All vehicle Safety Inspections will be done at the autocross site prior to participating in the autocross, vehicles must have a Tech Sticker to participate.  We can’t emphasize this enough- please have your vehicle ready for safety inspection prior to staging it for the autocross.

Safety Inspection Volunteers will check the following:
- Wheel torque,
- Safety gear,
- Wheels and tires
- Brakes
- Battery
- Fluid levels and check for fluid leaks
- Belts
- Other items listed on the Safety Tech Inspection Form (see below).

Participants are responsible for all items on the Safety Tech Inspection Form prior to the Autocross.


We will not be handing out the Safety Tech Form at the inspection site. Please read, print, and bring the online form (below) with you to the inspection site.  There will be 5 Safety Tech Forms laminated so volunteers have something to check off as they perform each inspection. Once the inspection is completed, a Safety Tech sticker will be applied to the top left of your windshield indicating your vehicle has passed the Safety Tech Inspection.   No vehicle may participate in the Parade Autocross without passing the Inspection.

Howard Gilson | Safety Tech Chair