Think you're a good driver? Do you push your car or SUV every time on a curvy road? Put your skills to the test during the annual Porsche Parade Autocross Competition!

Porsche Parade 2021-Autocross CompetitionAutocross is a performance driving event where you maneuver your car through a course of soft orange traffic pylons, trying to be faster than your competition. As you navigate the autocross course, you will learn about your car's braking, acceleration, and cornering abilities.
Events are typically run at speeds of 40-65 mph and usually in second gear. Autocross is a great way to gain confidence in your driving ability.

Parade 2021 Autocross will take place at the French Lick Airport on Wednesday, July 14, and Thursday, July 15. During that time, drivers will be given an opportunity to analyze the course as well as a chance to learn tips and techniques.
Parade Autocross will be fun and challenging, so be sure to class your car correctly. Check the PCR's to determine the class your car will run in. When classing your car, be sure to take into consideration modification to your car, if any.
Porsche Parade Autocross Information
Location: French Lick Airport
Dates: Wednesday, July 14 - Autocross 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
               Thursday, July 15 - Autocross 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Capacity Limit: 350 participants

2021 Parade Autocross Schedule

2021 Parade Competition Rules

2021 Parade Competitive Events Classing - updated July 2

2021 Autocross Day 1 Classes
2021 Autocross Day 2 Classes
2021Parade Autocross Class Correction

2021 Parade Book Autocross Section 7.7.2021

Registered Junior Participant Program (JPP) members, ages 16-17, and College Age Family Program (CAFP) members, ages 18-25, with a valid driver's license may participate in the Autocross in the same Porsche and same class as their parent(s).
All drivers will be required to work the Autocross. Be sure to check the worker box when registering.
Please note: Competitors are required to bring their own helmets as loaners will not be available as in past years.

COVID Protocols: Due to potential state and local restrictions on group gatherings during Parade Week because of the COVID-19 virus, Parade Activities may be modified, resulting in capacities adjusted from what is shown. Masks must be worn at all Parade Activities.

Danny Saxton | Autocross Chairman