Phase I Registration:  Parade Phase I Registration and the ability to reserve PCA housing will open Wednesday, February 10 (12 Noon ET) at the following link:

Prior to Registration opening, be sure your PCA membership information is up to date on your PCA member account including address, home/cell phone numbers, and importantly your email address. You may update online at or call PCA National at 410.381.0911 prior to registering.

Follow these two steps to register:

  1. 1. During this phase, you can only register as the primary entrant (co-entrant, children, JPP/CAFP, and Adults Guests may be added during Phase II). The only fee collected during Phase I is the $230 Parade Registration Fee (covers entrant and co-entrant only). Housing Reservations are a separate fee from Parade Registration. Phase II Registration will have additional fees for Banquets and Events.
  3. 2. American Express, MasterCard, or Visa in US funds are the only accepted methods of payment.

Housing: You will receive a Confirmation Email once your Parade Registration Fee payment has been successfully processed (usually within seconds).  If you want PCA housing at the French Lick or West Baden Resorts the email contains the Link and Entrant Access Code for Conference Direct necessary to reserve your housing along with an 800 number for Conference Direct if you encounter difficulty with your reservation.  Details of the housing available at French Lick and West Baden Resorts can be viewed on the Porsche Parade website at the following links: About French Lick | Porsche Parade 2021 & About West Baden Springs Resort | Porsche Parade 2021


Kathleen Behrens | Parade Registrar